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3 Shots You Need for Doubles (And 3 You Don't) | ACTIVE

But for doubles, the concept of hitting high looping shots from the back of the court is a no-no. Here's why: Shots traveling deep to the back of the court with topspin become a nice easy volley either for the opposite net player, who can poach it, or for the oncoming volleyer.

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Doubles Tennis Rules and Tips | USTA

Tennis is a sport where “Love” means zero and the scoring system is different for games, sets and matches. That is, it can be confusing. Here, we’ll look at the most social and team-oriented aspects of the sport for a lifetime – doubles – with a few helpful tips that you may want to know before you take to the court.

Some tips to improve your tennis doubles game | Buffalo ...

Some tips to improve your tennis doubles game. 0 ... If you miss some shots and your partner makes a mean gesture or yells at you for missing shots continuously, it is time to get a new partner ...


Approach shot to volley • Overhead • Forehand and backhand (racquet speed and change of spin, hit ball at top of bounce or falling) • Serve (stance, speed, spin on second serve, placement to move opponent, hit ball to rise off court) • Service return: hit rising or falling ball • Approach shot to hit high or low volley Movement

Tennis tips: Perfect your passing shot | Sports ...

You zero in and hit behind them for an easy winner. Though this shot passes close to them, they have no chance to change direction and recover for a shot.


doubles, but experiences some inconsistency. 5.0 Able to maintain a consistent rally, 10 balls in a row on faster balls. Very steady strokes or has a dominant shot. Periodically succeeds (50%) when attempting a quality shot when receiving fast or wide balls, and in passing shot situations. Periodically succeeds (50%) at aggressive return

Court Positions for Doubles Tennis | ACTIVE

Now that you have found the right partner and worked on the first ball ( serve and return ), it's time to talk about court positioning. There are three basic court positions for doubles tennis: two up, two back and one up, one back.

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Approach shots Yes, practice the midcourt groundstroke or volley for placement, spin and speed. Your coach will suggest direction depending on the height of the contact point and your opponent’s ...

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Poaching (noun: poach ): In doubles, an aggressive move where the player at the net moves to volley a shot intended for their partner. Point: Period of play between the first successful service of a ball and the point at which that ball goes out of play. It is the smallest unit of scoring in tennis.