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The 7 BEST Basketball Defense Drills - From Top Defensive Expert

4. 1-on-1 Close Out Setup:. Defense, X1 and X2 start under the basket. Each player has a basketball. The two offensive players are... Instructions:. X2 starts the drill with a pass to 2 on the wing. Defender X2 follows the pass with a hard close out. Points of Emphasis:. Sprint To Eliminate ...

Basketball Practice Plan - A Step by Step Template for Coaches

Shell Defense Drill. The phase of your basketball practice plan, Defensive Drills, typically runs for around 10 minutes as well. I like using 5 different drills, for 2 minutes each. Defensive drills are typically tiring, so this allows you to maintain the intensity level for each drill from start to finish.

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Starter Practice Plans - NBA.com: Jr. NBA

All players need a basketball (or share) and should stand on the sideline. The players will start in a good stance with their knees bent and eyes up and take 3 dribbles with their right hand. Next...

5 Basketball Defense Drills to Lock Down Any Opponent

The first player in line sprints out to the first offensive player in a clockwise direction and closes out on the ball. They then put pressure on the offensive player for 2 - 3 seconds before back-pedalling until they’re within the charge... The next player in line begins once the first player has ...

Youth Basketball Drills Sample Practice Plans

Circle Basketball Around Waist. Players stand facing the coach while holding their basketball with both hands, waist high. On the coach’s command, the player circles the basketball around their waist. After a few times, have the players stop and then circle the ball in the opposite direction.

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3 Basketball Practice Plans for All Age Groups (7 - 18 Years Old)

Cool Down (115 – 120 Minutes) Jog to the other end of the court and back. Walk to the other end of the court and back. Sit down, and do some static stretches.

Building A Defensive Practice Plan - FastModel Sports

Our defensive philosophy is developed around our style of play. We are a running, pressing, up-tempo team. We want our defense to be an AGGRESSIVE,


Practice plans Basketball practice is a time to build skills and get the team going on the same page. Each player has the opportunity to hone their skills and sharpen their play during practice times. Our practice plans help you, the coach, to have a fluid and continuous learning and develop-ment time with players. The practice plans are for you, the coach, to try